*late* August yoga JAMM

sooooooo did anyone else happen to see August? I blinked and I'm pretty sure I missed it. 

I do know that in those moments where I was paying attention, this month was full. like, FULL full. I had the pleasure of attending two gorgeous wedding ceremonies, I got to help my sister-in-law get back to school, AND I witnessed the second super moon of the year in all its ginormous glory. I'd say that this month has been nothing short of abundant. 

and I guess that really reflects the point of the practice. when we realize the moment that we're in, we see that the moment contains everything that we need to be fulfilled. everything we need to get by is already inside us. we don't need to seek abundance, because we're already full to the brim. and when we really take the time to recognize this, we find a little bit ofsamadhi - bliss - knowing that we already have everything we need.


Patanjali Sutra 1.17

vitarka vicaranandasmitanugamat samprajnatah

Samprajnata Samadhi is accompanied by reasoning, reflecting, rejoicing, and pure I-am-ness