September yoga JAMM

It's amazing that we're already here again, on the verge of another season change, trouping along nature's cyclical path. I've come full circle, personally - this month is my birth month. 

A while back, a friend introduced me to the concept of viewing my birthday as my personal new year. I find this works for me in achieving goals much better than attempting calnder-year resolutions. As my clock is resetting, and I'm knowing that my life is going to be drastically different this time next year, I'm reflecting on how we, as people, love to say "[insert thing] changed my life". And the truth is that [insert thing] is only supplemental to your changes - YOU CHOOSING to pursue [insert thing] is the real reason your life is changing. [insert thing] is simply the vehicle for you to achieve your goals - YOU are making the change, and YOU are making a promise to yourself for betterment. And when you root yourself so strongly in your self, you have unlimited potential to rise to your best expression.

Patanjali Sutra 2.13

sati mule tad vipakojatyayur bhogah

With the existence of the root, there will be fruits also: namely, the births of different species of life, their life spans and experiences