December yoga JAMM

happy holidays! one down, lots to go ;)

one of the trickiest parts in navigating the holiday season is getting caught up in how serious it makes us. we all put forth such an effort to find the perfect gifts, and to be at all the holiday parties our friends are hosting, and to make this the most fantastic year yet!! 

but, really, the whole point of the season is to find joy. to delight in all of the celebrations and gatherings and love that's an inherent and integral part of why we're celebrating and gathering in the first place. 

there's a word in Sanskrit - lila - commonly translated as 'play', and associated with the joy derived as the outcome from 'play'. so as the season gets going and things get a little hectic and chaotic, remind yourself that the point of it all is just to have fun. when things get too real, take yourself back to the place of joy, and let it pass from you back into the world. let the lightness of the season lift your spirit into a place where you can truly enjoy every moment.