January yoga JAMM

2015 has arrived! another calendar year has passed - we've succeeded, yet again, in the countdown of the human construct of time ;)

as is common with the reset of the calendar, every article you see, every piece of marketing, every bit of advice is about how to become the new you. we've become very caught up as a culture in striving to constantly redefine ourselves, to envision what we would like to be, instead of working with and loving who we are.

in this spirit, I invite you to not get caught up in focusing on where you want to be, but where you are. we focus a lot in our practice on being in the moment because, in reality, the moment is the only place we can be - it is the only tangible plane of existence in how we experience our lives. the past contains a filter of attached emotions, and the future is glazed with idealism. it is only by existing here, in this moment, that we're truly living. once this realization is attained, once the power of now is experienced, there's this subtle shift in life that supplies a deep sense of peace. and once you've had that experience, all you want is to experience it again and again, and share it with everyone you come into contact with. 

so let's think less of new you and be content with now you, because now you is the realest expression of your self. why hold back that amazingness from anyone?!


Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.1

atha yoganusasanam

now, yoga begins