November yoga JAMM

last weekend was the first in quite a while that there was no major agenda. nothing had to be accomplished, there was nowhere we had to be. we got the opportunity to just hang with each other, hang with family and friends, practice some inspiring yoga, and just be present. I found myself moving a little slower - enjoying the walk, taking in my surroundings and simply enjoying the space I was in.

the complexities of life don't often leave us with the ability to 'stop and smell the roses' - this is one of humanity's great paradoxes. because 'human nature' has evolved to not always include the natural course of things, sometimes the best thing we can do is stop, take the moment, and consciously recognize just how great we have it. inhaling, feeling the air in our lungs, settling in the moment, seeing that the place we need to be is exactly where we are - this is such an enlightened state of being that can be itself unsettling. but grounding down and taking in your happiness as a guide to your life is a really simple act. sometimes the simplest act is what allows us to ground - taking a conscious breath brings you into the now, and recognizing being in the now provides such a sense of peace.

as we head into the self-imposed craziness brought about with the holiday season, remember: when life is hectic, you just have to breathe - the simplicity is what brings us to that place of acceptance.

Patanjali Sutra 1.12

samtosadanuttamah sukhalabhah

By contentment, supreme joy is gained