as I'm constantly reminding and reminded, "life is what happens when we're making plans." which, at times, can present itself to be a rather harrowing, terrifying, and overwhelming experience. there are many mornings when the alarm goes off so, so much earlier than I want it to, and I ask myself, how am I going to do this? how am I going to get through an admin shift at the studio, 3 group classes, a private client, while still finding time to eat and enjoy at least part of the day?! it's exhilarating and exhausting to be doing what I'm doing, and yet I can't and won't stop. this is my best life, and I'm going to keep doing what I can to continue living it.

I've been getting through by calling on shakti. shakti, translated from Sanskrit, means 'divine power', and it refers to the inherent powers within each of us that support us and help to guide and get us through our days. there are a number of different shakti that we can call upon, but there are 3 in particular that create a kind of holy trinity of how we can face everyday situations. Iccha Shakti is translated as determination or willpower; it reflects our ability to stand steady and strong. Jnana Shakti is translated as wisdom or intuition; it reflects our ability to trust our instinct and know that the path we're walking is the one we're meant to be following. Kriya Shakti is translated as manifested intention or effort; it reflects our ability to, in any given situation, remember that all we have to do is our best.

when written out this way, it reads like the simplest thing on earth. and yet when we're face to face with a situation like a manically packed schedule, or an overdue task, or any sort of daunting, time-consuming necessity of the moment, we tend to overlook the simplicity of simply doing what needs to be done and start making excuses as to why we're not accomplishing the task. in these moments, call on your power - look inside and remember those three easy steps, that holy trinity of your own divinity: 

1) be steady 

2) know your path 

3) do your best