January yoga JAMM

something we've come to expect about the turn of the year is the idea of reset, and resolution, and the mentality that we've all got this fresh start - this new way to approach the new year and a new world. I'm not afraid to admit, I spent the first several days of 2016 wandering around feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, refreshed, like I was seeing my regular surroundings with someone else's eyes, and it brought me all of this joy and excitement. I could feel my heart beat faster every time I stepped out the door at the possibilities the world had to offer! not only was there this electric buzz around me for new discoveries, but I was feeling exceedingly content and at ease with my station. everything felt good, and right, and well settled.

then the second Monday of the month came, went, and something shifted, and it all started to feel like routine. again.

I couldn't believe this overall wash of general well-being and, daresay, peace, was so fleeting. I can remember back to last week - yes, LAST WEEK - and see the person who was experiencing all of this ease and I want to shout at him "GET BACK HERE! you, with the enthusiasm and the contentment and the oneness with everything around you, I NEED YOU HERE, NOW!!!" 

it's fully reflective of the state of the world that we live in. we're in a time where every soundbite, every piece of advice and marketing is designed to tell us that we can do better. we can improve. we can be something more than we are. and when we begin to feel like we have to live in this way, this pattern and mindset towards having more, being better, doing that thing that you couldn't previously do, we start to get bogged down when the results don't match our expectation. and then we lose drive and hope and the idea that things can be different slips because the immediate results aren't.

so I, for one, am working on moving away from the thought process of needing to be something other than what I am, and teaching myself that I'm ok as I am. more than ok, I'm perfect as I am. the things I put into the world are the things that only I can put into the world, and my offerings abound with contentment and ease and yes, peace. I can rely and trust that the person who steps out my door every day is the best, shiningest example of moving through the world with grace because that is the action that I choose. peace cannot be taught or earned - it can only be realized when we let go of the struggles we oftentimes place in our own path. move past the idea that you need to be something else, and you'll discover the amazingness you already are.

'when we let go of our own suffering, we participate in the salvation of all living beings'

Rolf Gates