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I've Got The Magic In Me!! Levitation Through the Art of Arm Balance

  • mang'Oh Yoga 322 East 39th Street New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

Arm Balances are likely the closest thing most of us will ever get to levitation (physically, of course), but we often feel like they are complicated and unattainable - they're not. 

Contrary to popular belief, arm balancing has very little to do with upper body strength. The ability to "float" into poses like bakasana (crow pose), eka pada koundinyasana (pose dedicated to the sage Koundinya), and astavakrasana (eight-angle pose) has more to do with the ability to architecturally build a solid base of support in which we can suspend our body weight than our ability to do a push-up.

Through this workshop, we'll work to discover how using our individual skeletal alignment and deep muscular engagement help us to find more lightness and lift as we peruse a myriad of arm balance offerings. We'll begin discussing what we all commonly think about arm balancing in an effort to dispel the myths associated and get out of our own heads. We'll work through a vigorous flow to get our bodies warm and limber. We'll spend a solid amount of time seriously playing with the many, many arm balance variations available, and we'll end recognizing that the ability to levitate has always been inside us - we simply need to get out of our heads and trust our instinct.

This workshop is open to any yogi(ni) interested in having fun, looking to learn more about his/her practice, and who trusts that with preparation and the belief in his/her "magic", anything is possible!

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