August yoga JAMM

as the days pass and continue to carry light well into the evening hours, we're already experiencing the sense that they're shortening, preparing us for the inevitable transition into  the next season. and while we grasp at strands and do everything in our power to hang on to the delight and joy of the summer months, we all know that change is just beyond the horizon.

I've recently made a major change in my life - I've left the comfort of my steady corporate job to manage mang'Oh Yoga studio and expand my teaching repertoire, in an effort to fully learn and grow in this life-changing practice. and while I'm ecstatic beyond belief at steering the direction of my life, the change does not come without its questions and doubts. on a number of occasions, I've been scared sh*tless. how is this going to affect me financially? what sort of lifestyle will I be leading, with the odd hours and manically running from place to place? am I a good enough leader to make this my career path? what's likely the scariest aspect of all this is that I don't have the answers to these questions. but I trust my mindset to know that what I'm doing is the right choice for me. 

yoga teaches us is to handle the changes in our lives with grace. transitions, if treated correctly, can not only be smooth and neat, but can bring us to something bigger and better on the other side. and what we truly end up discovering is that we've always had the power to make the change we need - we've just needed the courage to commit, even in the face of sometimes extreme adversity. through this, we truly come to know our full strength. and when we do, the world is presented as a new place, full of infinite potential and possibility.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust